General terms and conditions


General terms and conditions (effective: 12/2013)

1.1 Our deliveries and services are solely subject to the following terms.

1.2 Terms that are in contradiction of these terms are only valid if they have been accepted by us in writing.

1.3 Our terms also apply to future business, obviating the need to expressly set them out again in individual cases.

2.1 Our offers and quotations are non-binding.

2.2 In order to be effective, delivery dates, fixed prices and other assured attributes require our written agreement.

2.3 Delivery delays that are not attributable to us permit us to delay deliveries for the duration of the delays that occur or to withdraw from the contract.

2.4 The prices quoted by us are net prices, excluding legally applicable VAT at the rate in force on the day of delivery.

2.5 Discount deductions are not permitted.

3.1 In the event of faults in the goods we supply, or of inadequate services, we assume liability under the exclusion of further claims, especially those relating to compensation and consequential damages, in accordance with the BGB (German Civil Code), provided that faults are promptly notified to us in writing.

3.2 This liability does not apply to goods intended for immediate use.

4.1 All goods supplied are solely subject to extended or prolonged retention of title.

4.2 The ownership of goods supplied is only transferred to the purchaser once he or she has settled all accounts resulting from the relevant business transaction.

4.3 In the event that the purchaser sells or disposes of the goods before this time, he or she must transfer all debts resulting from the transaction with his or her customer to us, to the sum of the amounts outstanding to us.

4.4 Consignment goods must be labelled as being our property and stored separately.

4.5 The recipient of our goods or services must immediately inform us of all measures by third parties that endanger our rights (seizures etc.).

5.1 The purchaser bears all additional costs resulting from subsequent changes to the contract issued by us.

6.1 German law applies.

6.2 Place of jurisdiction is Krefeld.


Additional T&Cs for assembly/installation (effective date 01/02)

The customer must ensure that all equipment and conditions required for us to carry out the agreed works are provided: punctually and in accordance with regulations. All such equipment, along with all other activities performed in these situations, is always at the cost of and risk of the customer.

The customer therefore ensures, at his or her own cost and risk, that our fitters are able to carry out their working duties. Under consideration of the necessary safety regulations, he or she must provide all necessary auxiliary materials and provide the necessary support; either personally or via his or her designated representative.

In order to perform sealing works in accordance with German Social Accident Insurance BGI 581, the seals in the manufacturer’s cab must be in perfect working order. For cab seals, we use preferred sections and neutrally crosslinking silicone. The complete price includes installation, the cab seal and the materials required under normal conditions, in accordance with the expanded T&Cs for installation works, including travel costs, expenses and accommodation allowances.

The terms relating to delivery dates also apply to the agreed assembly and/or fitting dates. The assembly and/or installation agreed with us does not include startup times for the machines and systems etc. installed by us.

Hourly rates

Normal working hours are 40 hours per week/8 hours per day. This applies to time spent working, waiting and travelling, as well as the daily time spent travelling between the work site and our accommodation. (Article 88920015).

The first two hours of overtime per day, as well as the first two hours worked on a Saturday, are subject to a 25% supplement. (Article 88920016).

For the third and every additional hour of overtime on a working day, as well as the third and every additional hour on a Saturday, the supplement is 50%. (Article 88920017).

Works on Sundays and public holidays are only possible in certain emergency cases, and are subject to special conditions. The tasks so performed will be carried out by a mixture of our own personnel and third party personnel.

Travel costs (88920032) are calculated for every kilometre travelled by car or service vehicle.

Any further or other types of transport will be invoiced on the basis of receipts.

 Accommodation allowance

For contracts where no overnight accommodation is necessary, we invoice on the basis of hourly rates (article 88920045).

For contracts where overnight accommodation is necessary, we invoice on the basis of daily rates (article 88920055).

In the event that the actual overnight accommodation costs exceed the daily rates, these will also be invoiced on the basis of receipts.

Material costs will be invoiced at the current price.

If services, irrespective of type, of more than €5,000 have been provided, we may demand an advance payment.



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