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CoRRect air ALVA 25: Die kleinste Schutzbelüftungsanlage nach BGI 581
CoRRect air K71e 80V: Die Klimalösung für Elektrofahrzeuge
CoRRect air ALVA 26: Die Bewährte
CoRRect air HLAS Gasfilter: Weltweit einzigartig für das Mehr an Sicherheit
CoRRect air K71e: Die vollelektrische Klimalösung
CoRRect air ALVA 30: Partikelschutz optimal
CoRRect Air Filter: Gesunde Luft für ein Arbeitsleben
CoRRect air K71e: Vollintegrierte elektrische Aufdachklimalösung
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CoRRect air HLAS – The high performance gas filter

The CoRRect air HLAS high performance filter, which was specially developed for breathing air supply systems, is ever more becoming the standard when it comes to filtering harmful gases in the air.

Countless businesses in the waste disposal, civil engineering and remediation sectors count on the significant plus it brings to matters of safety. The special surface treatment makes the CoRRect air HLAS resistant to high levels of humidity, and offers otherwise unrivalled filter performance.





Breathe healthy air

Whether the sorting of recyclables, in composting or remediation, or in waste management, landfill sites or road maintenance depots – with our CoRRect air products, reliable protection and a pleasant climate is guaranteed:

  • Breathing air supply/Protective ventilation systems
  • Air conditioning systems for electric vehicles
  • Air conditioning for retrofitting
  • Particulate filters
  • Filtering units for all protective ventilation systems





Modern breathing air systems for modern vehicles

The CoRRect air 25 ALVA kompakt is the smallest breathing air supply system to not only meet the requirements of the DGUV (German Social Accident Insurance) Information 201-004 (formerly BGI 581), but also to exceed them. It’s the perfect addition to modern, low emission construction machinery. With its low weight, compact dimensions and the additional safety features, not only does it offer the convenience typical of Hauser products, but also the highest degree of safety for the driver.